Strategic Investments and a New E-book Resource

A Note from Funmi Ebiwonjumi (Funmi is a former student and now graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary from Nigeria. He was among a number of DTS students personally and intentionally discipled over the past year by a group of trained, committed spiritual multipliers.):

My conversations with Ron going through Launching Multipliers! this past year were intensive, one-on-one mentoring experiences for me. I gained tremendous insight into many aspects of the Gospel I had glossed over in the past.  One such insight was the  “Embrace Faith, Envision Obedience and Expect Empowerment” faith perspective in Session 2.  These brief statements now remind me in every life situation to depend on the Holy Spirit as I fight the good fight of faith.

The organization of the material into three areas of focus (Established for Growth, Equipped for Ministry and Empowered for Multiplication) were personally helpful and strategically life changing as I consider my future ministry.   Ron certainly had a fatherly influence on me since, in my 20 years as a Christian, I never had a spiritual mentor take such a personal interest in my Christian walk and ministry fruitfulness.  

The prerequisites we discussed at the beginning of our time together – being Faithful, Available, Intentional, Teachable and Heart commitments – were the elements that kept us on track and focused in our times together..  In the future, I will carefully consider these qualities as I look forward to selecting and then purposefully mentoring others using Launching Multipliers!.

One last takeaway for me was the realization that ultimately the fullness of our joy in the presence of the Lord will be the godly relationships we are able to cultivate and nurture while yet here on earth.   A million thanks to grandpa Ron.  I will forever appreciate his fatherly insights.

A Note from Ken:

After ten years of conversations with hundreds of  faithful people, our perspective on the biblical topics, spiritual priorities and relational skills which strengthen one-on-one discipleship discussions has been sharpened.

This discipleship guide, Encouragement for Fruitful Multipliers (available as a free download from our ministry website at the Resource tab) is the fruit of these life-changing conversations. It is designed to reinforce both the methods and concepts found in Launching Multipliers! and will be particularly helpful for those using that resource. However, any person involved in personal ministry may glean helpful insights that will enrich fruitful relationships in many contexts.