Launching Christ-centered multipliers into their unique spheres of influence
We will accomplish this purpose through . . .

Personal discipleship
After decades of fruitful personal ministry, we will develop resources and invest in relationships with individuals who are growing in their faith and committed to gaining the skills and wisdom that will enable them to encourage the spiritual growth of others. We will employ an intentional pattern of spiritual multiplication which will result in people being equipped and engaged in this strategy. We will offer encouragement and assistance to individuals, churches, and organizations who pursue spiritual multiplication through personal discipleship, primarily through one-on-one relationships.

Pastoral mentoring
With over six decades of combined pastoral experience, we appreciate the blessings and challenges of pastoral leadership. Because we value the strategic role of pastoral leaders, we will offer both individual coaching and group collaboration in an encouraging environment that addresses issues that hinder maximum ministry impact. We will also develop resources that help these leaders equip their volunteer teams.

Global missions
As an expression of our commitment to pastors and other spiritual leaders, we will develop resources for and invest in the lives of global leaders serving God in strategic ways in other nations. This emphasis will include training groups of spiritual leaders committed to spiritual multiplication through discipleship and church planting. Our engagement will also include partnerships with seminaries and other organizations around the world focused on preparing spiritual leaders for ministries in places with limited Christian influence.


We are passionately committed to a biblical ministry which is . . .


…as we joyfully model lives of
service and commitment to others


…as we aggressively train those willing
to become spiritual multipliers


…as we persistently encourage people
to live each day with an eternal perspective