Maximizing Significance: Investing in Others

As someone who has worked both in the marketplace and as a full-time vocational pastor, I can tell you that your “ministry” is by no means restrained by your job title.

My experience working in a corporation and now as a pastor has taught me that the most significant time I have spent is the time I have invested personally in the lives of other individuals. I have been changed by a few men who have personally invested in me (their names and faces come so quickly to my mind).

And now it’s an honor and thrill to invest forward in others.

That’s why I so appreciate the vision of Ministry Catalysts, and in particular the Launching Multipliers! material. It helps me make spiritual investments in others’ lives — and there’s nothing more significant than that!

This ministry has made a difference in my life and in the lives of other men I have led through the discipleship process – as well as in the two churches in which I have served!

~ Rob Sweet, father of three girls, 
teaching pastor & spiritual multiplier in Tennessee

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a regular feature, focusing on individuals who have completed Launching Multipliers!