Leveraging Decades of Ministry by Focusing on Intentional Multiplication

Here is a note from Djaba Nyakotey who is completing a Th.M. at Dallas Theological Seminary while continuing strategic ministry in Ghana through yearly visits and consistent communication with other leaders. He and Ken just completed their encouraging discussions.

I write to express my profound appreciation for the time taken to lead me through the “Launching Multipliers” discipleship course which we concluded a couple of weeks ago. It was a good time of learning, and it is exactly what the church of Jesus Christ needs today.  Especially in Ghana, West Africa where I minister as a church-planter, this model, with modifications to suit the culture and the people to be taught, is a God-given bible-based plan to build the Lord’s army for further service.  I look forward to training more people now while I am still in school at the Dallas Theological Seminary.  It will be an experimental time of learning and field-testing of this material for me. I pray that the Lord uses his word, as packaged in this course, to bring much-needed revival to those who study it, and eventually to the entire country of Ghana and beyond. May the Lord richly bless you for this “labor of love” (Hebrews 6:10).

P.S. My associate in the pastorate at the Shiloh Baptist Church, Dawhenya, Ghana is due to begin studies with me on the ‘Launching Multipliers” course from the second week of August. I am looking forward to that.

A new year of discipleship with students at Dallas Theological Seminary will begin in the weeks ahead. Watch their video at our Ministry Catalysts site under the Resource tab featuring two recent graduates who will return to their nations with clarity about the privilege of equipping intentional multipliers in the years ahead.