Holy Spirit Fills the Holes in One Multiplier’s Life

I am not one that does good self reflection, but…

When God put Ron Horton in my life, I was like a puppy in need of direction.  I was full of knowledge with a lot of holes and I lacked  the wisdom on how to apply the Biblical knowledge that I did have.

I had always been very wary of personal one-on-one relationships.  At the time I felt a false pressure that I needed to be perfect, but I knew I was far from it. I was afraid that I would be judged and experience guilt and a sense of rules necessary to follow.

I never felt judged in my relationship with Ron – challenged to be sure, but not judged.

I look back now and see how the Holy Spirit used Ron to fill the holes in my foundational theology.  This was demonstrated in Ron’s patience and time that he was willing to give me. I use the tools he helped me gain in building up my family, especially my children.

I have had such joy in pouring my life into my kids teaching them the ways they should go.  I am still a work in progress, but the tools you helped me develop have been used as I’ve served as an elder and small group teacher in my church.

~ Tyce LaQuey, airline pilot in Fort Worth, Texas

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a regular feature, focusing on individuals who have completed Launching Multipliers!