Getting Discipled is Only the Beginning

The sessions that Ken shared with me have been very valuable to my spiritual growth.  Not only the curriculum, but just experiencing his gracious and caring heart pouring into mine and truly being interested in my total well-being and growth was a treat.  The close connection and encouragement that you enjoy from an experienced Christian brother is one of the gems of this process.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

As I work through the sessions with Nick I am often surprised at how awesome it feels to observe him incorporate the same truths that I was taught and watch him implement them in his life for growth.  It is amazing and it surpasses the joy I felt when I first was being mentored.  It is a pleasure to see him each week and hear how God has been working in his life through the lessons we have learned in the sessions.  Being a vessel through which God blesses those whom you are in close fellowship with is an immensely rewarding experience.

I am thankful for Launching Multipliers! for fostering an environment that invites the Holy Spirit in to do His work and mold us into Christlikeness and I pray that God continues to bless it.

– Albert Bryant – Dallas Theological Seminary student