Exciting Updates from Haiti, Spain and the Canary Islands

In recent months God has continued to reveal His grace to us. For example, several years ago, we introduced Andrikson Descollines to you. Ken worked through Launching Multipliers!¬†with Andrikson a few years ago while he was at Dallas Seminary. Andrikson has since translated our resource into Haitian Creole and French and is now the academic dean at STEP (the evangelical seminary in Haiti). He has also trained over three hundred pastors to use our material in spiritual multiplication. The picture catches a “selfie” of Andrikson and a portion of the 7,000 people he spoke to about marriage at a national conference in Haiti.

During late April and early May, Ken taught for two weeks at Sefavon, a seminary in Madrid, Spain led by Manny Fernandez and focused on equipping evangelistic church planters. He taught students from Spain, Nepal, Guatemala and the U.S. about Job, Psalms, other wisdom books as well as the Minor Prophets. He also ministered in the Canary Islands at churches now pastored by former students in Madrid. It was encouraging to see the fruitful impact of their ministries.

The faithful prayerful and financial support of our ministry partners continues to make these kinds of ministry outreaches possible not only overseas but in North America as well.