Discipling in Vancouver

An encouraging update from a former mentee at Dallas Theological Seminary:

Hi Ron,

I’ve been waiting for Shawn (shorter man in the picture) to share something like this with me (see part of his email below and note especially the bold text which brought me to tears). As you did with me, I’ve been taking him through Launching Multipliers!.

Lately, a pastor friend of mine has been leading me through an in-depth discipleship process to deepen my understanding of God and His Word.

It has been revolutionary, to say the least!

One of the standouts thus far has been the session on “Appreciating Your Security in Christ.”

And it’s not because I didn’t believe I was saved by grace or that I questioned my salvation.  It’s because I was rocked by just how clear the Scriptures are on this subject!  I began seeing truths I had never seen before.

Here’s what rocked me:

  1. The distinctions between being in a Relationship with God and that of enjoying daily Fellowship with God.
  2. The immeasurable power and confidence (assurance) we can experience when we fully know and trust in the work of Christ alone for our eternal security.

I share all of this because SO many men I work with struggle with their security in Christ. . . I now feel so much more equipped to disciple them with this clearer understanding of what God’s Word reveals on this important subject.

Shawn’s a brother I’ve known for a few years and was concerned about his theology and doctrine. I had often offered to disciple him and he had always refused until a few months ago. Shortly thereafter, we started our conversations together through Launching Multipliers!.

I’m also working through LM! with two other guys, one of whom is almost finished .  However, the transformation in Shawn has been incredible in such a short period of time.

Just to let you know, his ministry is growing in influence and he’s even going on a retreat with a few other guys to the house of the president of The Chosen next weekend. No doubt he’s going to be talking about the LM! curriculum.

As for me here in Vancouver, I am taking one of our Men’s ministry leaders through LM! with the intent of pairing up all 90 guys involved in our Men’s group. I’m also hoping to have each of my team members go through LM! and eventually our entire church staff and elders.  I will so appreciate your prayers for that!

I appreciate you, brother, and our time together in Texas. Thanks for pouring into my life and for fueling the joy that I get to experience pouring into the lives of others!

In Christ,

Richard Young (Vancouver, B.C.)