Church Plant Focused on Intentional Discipleship

In a previous blog post (September 8, 2014), then executive pastor Tim Bach shared the impact of focused, intentional discipleship on his personal life and on his ministry as a spiritual multiplier.

Just over three years ago, Tim and his wife, Sharon, were led by God to launch a church plant in Argyle, Texas committed to one-on-one, intentional discipleship as its foundational focus. The work God has accomplished in the Argyle Community Church in just a few years and the number of lives (and families) transformed are remarkable (see attached picture taken at a recent ACC discipleship banquet).  It’s certainly a testament to Tim’s vision, heart and hard work.  But, more than anything, it’s an indicator of what God can do when people being faithfully discipled are diligent to turn and disciple others . . . for God’s glory.

Consider a few testimonials:

“I figured if Paul expected Timothy to disciple others, I should trust God to do it as well.” -Tim Bach

“Being personally discipled has helped me discover my relationship with the Lord, that I’m not in control and that I’m not alone.  Week by week I have grown in my faith!” -Racheal

“As we made our way through Launching Multipliers!, we were able to enjoy fellowship and deeper relationships with others in our church.  This has help us see the value of intentional relationship building as we spread the gospel of Jesus.” – Jason and Brittney

“I am at the beginning of this discipleship process and enjoying the homework – really!  The discussions are so much fun and I am learning so much.  I can’t wait to pay it forward.” -Jennifer

“My time with Tim in going through Launching Multipliers! has been one of the most transformative journeys of my life so far. It has changed my personal walk with Christ, my family and so many others.” -Chet

“I have grown so much in my faith, learned so much from God’s Word, and now am confident in discipling my own children.  When they come to me with questions, I now have answers I can share.” – Courtney

“My favorite part in this process is the relationships created while studying God’s Word and praying for each other.” – Anne

What a privilege to know and partner with godly leaders such as Tim whose ministry is laser focused on spiritual multiplication to the end that his whole community is being changed, one life at a time.