Anger Language Can Get Lost in Translation

Did you know that there are different anger languages?

Explosive anger is the most obvious, triggering an emotional grenade that sprays shrapnel on those closest to the anger. The exploder feels momentary relief, but others dive for cover, eventually returning to the routines of life, yet walking on eggshells in fear of another outburst.

Suppressed anger is harder to see. It even feels spiritual to “control” your anger. This also has a steep price, either eruptions of accumulated anger at unusual moments or deepening depression for those effective at stuffing their rage.

The maddening game of passive-aggressive anger is the most draining, allowing a saboteur to express anger with sarcasm, insubordination, and avoidance, crippling families and businesses.

No matter what the language, unresolved anger damages relationships and diminishes enjoyment of God’s purposes.

~ Ken Horton

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the third installment in a four-part series about anger.