Result: Contagious Multiplication

I am very grateful for the Launching Multipliers! resource. Having someone invest in my life through a one-on-one mentoring relationship has been encouraging, motivating, and an affirmation of God’s calling on my life.

Previously, I have had several Paul-like relationships with mature believers, and I’m grateful for the impact they have had on my walk with Jesus. I have certainly tried to replicate that investment. However, despite my intentions, my previous mentoring efforts have tended to result in either a close friendship or distance accompanied by a sense of failure on my part. Either way, the process has always seemed to be short lived, never resulting in contagious multiplication.

I was drawn to Launching Multipliers! and a more intentional discipleship process by watching Ron Horton consistently train and launch men who consistently went and trained other men. I was intrigued by the energy and warmth of what I saw. Where my attempts would end in friendship or failure, this approach produced committed spiritual multipliers.

After being mentored one-on-one by Ron, I now see why this process is so successful. In my opinion, it’s the personal coaching component. The goal isn’t just helpful teaching or even an encouraging friendship. It’s the focused effort in coaching men and women to make disciples equipped to make other disciples. A friend will affirm you, a teacher will instruct you, but a coach will ingrain in you the truth and skills you need to accomplish the work that stands before you.

Jesus commanded us to “go therefore and make disciples of all nations.” After years of ministry, I finally have a track to run on to disciple well. My investment in other men does not have to be only my story, my time, or my experiences.  Now, my efforts can be spent coaching, encouraging other men in a proven and fruitful process graciously entrusted to me.

– Robby Hummert
Young Adult Pastor
Alliance Community Fellowship Church