God Lays Out Simple Blueprint for Marriage

Did you know that God designed marriage so that two very different people can learn to depend on God’s strength in this intimate relationship?

Leaving father and mother and bringing with them unanticipated expectations, a husband and wife are joined together to begin a new family. Each day they have an opportunity to apply more glue to the oneness God intends and each longs to experience.

The plan is simple: the husband sacrificially loves his wife and the wife consistently respects her husband. Simple, yet both partners need supernatural strength. Since Jesus is the most loving and most submissive person who ever lived, He is the only One who can provide the example and empowerment needed by both partners.

While our culture scoffs at God’s plan, it is the path to both enriching influence and exhilarating intimacy in life’s most challenging and rewarding relationship.

~ Ken Horton

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the second installment in a four-part series about marriage. 

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