Stimulating Responsibility

Who, me?Did you know that asking good questions helps encourage personal responsibility?

When your questions guide someone toward an action plan that addresses a specific concern, the situation remains their problem. One of the questions is usually “What do you think you need to do about this?”

For the third grader who forgot his homework, the sixteen year old who was ticketed for speeding or the co-worker who missed a deadline, helping them assume ownership of a solution is a critical step that ultimately enriches life.

'Challenged & Charged'

Fred HerbertI really enjoyed going through the personal discipleship materials and found that the one-on-one process helped give me new insights into faith, forgiveness, and living a life with Christ on the throne of my life.

I also found that I looked forward to my weekly meetings with Ron because I knew I would leave both challenged and charged.

I have been a Christ follower for over 40 years and had never been personally mentored nor understood the value of this type of ministry. Having been trained to be a spiritual multiplier, I am now privileged to be investing in another man’s life.

Ask Away!

Question MarksDid you know that a good question is usually better than a good answer?

A good answer may provide valuable information for a particular situation, but a good question stimulates the thinking skills needed for circumstances when wise counsel is not available.

Perhaps more importantly, if your good answer is packaged with even a small amount of frustration, it will push a person toward the instincts of the brain stem: fight or flight.

The thinking stops, reaction prevails and any benefit of your answer evaporates.

Launching Multipliers!

Our dream for ministry focused on personal discipleship, pastoral mentoring and global missions is becoming a joyful reality.  Scores of people have invested in this process in recent months through their prayers and generous investments.  In the weeks since Ron, Terri, Kathy and I have launched Ministry Catalysts, we have had the privilege of sharing our lives with almost thirty faithful men and women who are committed to a long-term lifestyle of one-on-one discipleship.  The blessing of seeing both their growth and eagerness to share what God is teaching them with their first disciple ha

Multiplying Joy!

My anticipation of a monthly blog was much too optimistic in the midst of our son's wedding, two extensive seasons of international ministries, beginning the revision of our discipleship resources, TCU football chapels (including a delightful bowl trip to San Diego) and allowing for the refreshment needed after thirty-five years of fast-paced pastoral ministry.  So...this is a fresh beginning for our "monthly" blog.


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