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Running FeetPresent your life to God every day & let Him empower you

Every day we run a lap in the race of life. While individuals live a different number of days (Ps. 90:12), each day matters in our relationships with people who matter forever. While we should prepare and plan for the months and years of our lives, we experience life day-by-day. The challenge to “make the most of our time” (Eph. 5:15) makes the transitions of each day critically important as we respond to the unrepeated opportunities we encounter daily.

Each race and every day has a starting point. This beginning requires positive traction which establishes essential momentum. In a sprint, there are starting blocks for the runners. In life, your source of traction determines the trajectory of your day. For the businessman focused only on earning money, his unrelenting greed may cause him to bounce out of bed. For the person obsessed with their appearance, the lengthy early morning exercise regimen may be the only way to start. While maintaining your health and earning a profit are not inappropriate values, making them your core motivation skews life in directions that impact relationships.

'Prepared to Respond to Jesus' Charge'

Justin Nabity
The mentoring process through Ministry Catalysts has been such an encouragement to my spiritual growth along with equipping me to disciple others.

I had been looking for a step-by-step, clear, and simple way to disciple men that would ground them in God's Word, one-on-one relationships, and give them the tools and resources they would need to be able to do the same with others.

Now, as the beneficiary of this life-changing training, I am fully prepared to respond to Jesus’ charge in Matthew 28:18-20 to go make disciples for the rest of my life.

Ultimate Giver Inspires Cycle of Generosity

Hands Holding WorldDid you know that consistent, cheerful generosity encourages a thankful heart and enriches joyful relationships?

Because we are created in the image of the Ultimate Giver, we discover surprising blessings when we give to others without expectation (Acts 20:35). Such expressions defuse our persistent tendencies toward selfishness as we choose the best interests of others in tangible ways.

Generosity also unleashes deep fulfillment, initiating a ripple of generosity that expands this circle of compassion as kindness begets kindness. Because we bear God’s image, people of all spiritual perspectives may intermittently enter into this circle of blessing.

Holy Spirit Fills the Holes in One Multiplier's Life

Tyce LaQueyI am not one that does good self reflection, but...

When God put Ron Horton in my life, I was like a puppy in need of direction.  I was full of knowledge with a lot of holes and I lacked  the wisdom on how to apply the Biblical knowledge that I did have.

I had always been very wary of personal one-on-one relationships.  At the time I felt a false pressure that I needed to be perfect, but I knew I was far from it. I was afraid that I would be judged and experience guilt and a sense of rules necessary to follow.

I never felt judged in my relationship with Ron – challenged to be sure, but not judged.

Maximizing Significance: Investing in Others

Rob SweetAs someone who has worked both in the marketplace and as a full-time vocational pastor, I can tell you that your "ministry" is by no means restrained by your job title.

My experience working in a corporation and now as a pastor has taught me that the most significant time I have spent is the time I have invested personally in the lives of other individuals. I have been changed by a few men who have personally invested in me (their names and faces come so quickly to my mind).

And now it's an honor and thrill to invest forward in others.

That's why I so appreciate the vision of Ministry Catalysts, and in particular the Launching Multipliers! material. It helps me make spiritual investments in others' lives -- and there's nothing more significant than that!

God Shows Us How to Initiate Forgiveness

Ephesians 4:33 Did you know that you can be angry and not sin? In fact, Paul commands us to do just that in Ephesians 4.

Momentary anger alerts us to a hurt that needs attention. However, the key to healthy resolution of anger is anchored in our relationship with God, not with people.

When we see others as valued creations of God, and especially when we embrace them as members of Christ’s body, honest communication reflecting God’s love for us is the starting point for resolving anger. Addressing our hurt promptly blocks a devilish foothold for malignant consequences of unresolved anger.

Anger Language Can Get Lost in Translation

Angry word bubbleDid you know that there are different anger languages?

Explosive anger is the most obvious, triggering an emotional grenade that sprays shrapnel on those closest to the anger. The exploder feels momentary relief, but others dive for cover, eventually returning to the routines of life, yet walking on eggshells in fear of another outburst.

Suppressed anger is harder to see. It even feels spiritual to “control” your anger. This also has a steep price, either eruptions of accumulated anger at unusual moments or deepening depression for those effective at stuffing their rage.

Cool Off the 'Soup' with God's Wisdom

Soup of the Day... Grievances & GrudgesDid you know that unresolved anger can have poisonous consequences for families?

The biblical commands for fathers focus on anger issues. If we ignore anger’s beneficial exposure of wounds that require attention, the resulting turmoil becomes a soup of real and perceived grievances and grudges. Perhaps the most destructive result of this caustic pattern is that bitterness blinds people to their own hurtful tendencies.

Because of Her and Her and Her {and Him}

Krista SandersWhenever I get the privilege to tell my story, I can’t get very far without talking about a few  special women.  Even though my Mom and I had our ugly moments, I have a deep appreciation for her that continues to grow as we live through different seasons together. She was, and still is, selfless in the way she serves our family. Her reliability throughout my growing up years provided a security all children need and never once did I wonder if I was loved.  I won’t try to encapsulate her in a few sentences here, but her influence in my life is invaluable in so many ways.  Mom and Dad made church a priority each Sunday which placed me in an environment that I could explore spiritual things as my heart began to search. 

What a gift.

I remember almost all of my Sunday School teachers – and the ones I remember best are the ones I felt loved by and who spoke with joy and excitement about the things of God. In early high school, John and Denise began pouring spiritual truths into my spirit by opening their home to me and a few friends on the weekends. When Jill graduated from college and came back to Soperton to teach, she began challenging me with almost every eye-catching time in the halls at school.  “So what did you learn in your quiet time this morning?”  she’d yell as I passed.  <--break->

Anger: God's Warning System

Security System "Anger! Anger! Anger! Please Disarm"Did you know that anger is inevitable?

Anger is the human response to hurt in a world of multifaceted wounds. It is God’s warning system, alerting us to emotional, relational or spiritual injuries which require prompt attention. Avoiding these distress signals allows the initial damage to metastasize into bitterness or spiral downward toward depression.

When relationships are wounded, we often seek to stifle that pain with busyness or addictive behaviors, unleashing a cycle of hurt and anger that can impact generations.

Launching Spiritual Multipliers from Your Home

Family of Paper Dolls in Hands Did you know that your home is a key element of God’s strategy for spiritual multiplication?

According to Ephesians 5, marriage is a temporal illustration of the eternal relationship between Christ and the Church. The aroma of Christ is uniquely revealed when a husband’s sacrificial love and a wife’s consistent respect are woven together in authentic, satisfying intimacy.

This kind of marriage gives others a glimpse of supernatural love at work in tangible ways, prompting questions which lead to conversations about the hope in Christ that does not disappoint.

Embracing the 'Faith Process'

Joel BaileyI think the major impact going through the one-on-one discipleship process has made on my life was helping me learn to walk step by step through the “faith process.”

It also helped in building my confidence in teaching it to others. I certainly learned how to get into the Word especially through Scripture memorization. I am currently about to complete my first mentoring endeavor and looking for the next one.

~ Joel Bailey, businessman from Fort Worth, Texas

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is a regular feature, focusing on individuals who have completed Launching Multipliers!


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