Engaging Others: No Longer 'Ill-Equipped'

Eric PackwoodI had the pleasure of working through the Launching Multipliers discipleship material with Ken in 2013.

For many years, I had felt called to disciple other men, but felt ill-equipped to engage others because I still had many questions myself.

When I started meeting with Ken each week, I expected a series of lectures that would solidify my theological foundation. I experienced much more. The content of Launching Multipliers! provides a rigorously constructed, biblically-based framework that addressed my basic questions.

What I did not expect was how the program promoted conversation and a relationship that encouraged me to grow deeper in my faith, enlarge my understanding of biblical truths and engage other men in discipleship.

Living, Explaining the Truth of Paul's Letter to Romans

Recently, it was my privilege to invest two weeks in Spain teaching on Paul’s letter to the Romans.

 Ken with Pastor Bruno overlooking Benidorm, Spain. Bruno pastors an evangelical church that has grown from 20 to 100 in the last year and is helping plant several other churches in this beautiful coastal region.

During the week, I was at Sefovan Seminary in Madrid and on weekends at extensions of the school in Benidorm (on the beautiful western coastline) and San Sebastian (in the northern mountains near France). Spain was on the mind of Paul as he wrote this epistle, hoping that the believers in Rome would offer spiritual and financial support as he pursued his longing to preach the Gospel in Spain (Rom. 15:22-24) where the truth about Christ had not been proclaimed.

We spent hours grappling with the powerful truths of this letter regarding both the desperation of sinful people and the abounding grace provided by the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ.

You Can Win an Argument or Build a Friendship, But Rarely Both at the Same Time

People building puzzle
Followers of Jesus Christ are exhorted to “contend earnestly” for the Gospel (Jude 3).

Certainly Paul and Peter modeled such a life as they spread the message of God’s grace in the middle of the First Century. But both of these passionate spiritual advocates emphasize the significance of building relationships in a distinctive way, even in the midst of painful opposition.

Winning an argument about Jesus was not their goal; modeling Christ’s love in a way that compels sober consideration of one’s spiritual condition apart from Him guided the lives and instruction of these spiritual influencers.

Paul urges his readers to pray that he will be bold in proclaiming the Gospel while he was under house arrest in Rome (Col. 4:2-6). He was imprisoned in Rome because he boldly declared this message in Jerusalem. Certainly Paul understood the urgency of contending for the Gospel. But he reminds them that their conduct toward those who do not trust Christ should be marked by relational wisdom and gracious conversation...flavorful, thirst-provoking answers to questions people ask.

Up and Running to Create Multipliers

Roy WatsonLaunching Multipliers! has taken off wonderfully at our church.

All three of my sons are now working through this process.   Quinetta, one of our key women being mentored by Kathy, is already near completion of the sessions with my daughter-in-law and is scheduled to begin with my daughter.  I have completed the with my first disciple and he has already working with Henry.

So we are up and running! 

Everyone in this ministry is greatly encouraged.   We  have some women and men who are eagerly waiting for their turn.  This has drawn our church body closer and I thought we were already a close body.

Humility Is Not Optional, It Is Inevitable

It's All About Me Peter was a man who learned about humility the hard way.

A tough, competent fisherman, he was used to being in charge. He gave orders while he solved problems with the discernment which distinguishes leaders. He recognized that Jesus was the Messiah who Israel longed for and he abandoned his career to be part of God’s purpose.

He was soon the acknowledged leader of the Twelve, always with Jesus when the most significant things were happening. He was nicknamed “the rock,” but he kept stumbling over a common problem. Peter was sure he knew best, even to the point of rebuking Jesus for declaring that His mission required His death and resurrection (Mt. 16:21-23).

Getting Discipled is Only the Beginning

Albert BryantThe sessions that Ken shared with me have been very valuable to my spiritual growth.  Not only the curriculum, but just experiencing his gracious and caring heart pouring into mine and truly being interested in my total well-being and growth was a treat.  The close connection and encouragement that you enjoy from an experienced Christian brother is one of the gems of this process.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

As I work through the sessions with Nick I am often surprised at how awesome it feels to observe him incorporate the same truths that I was taught and watch him implement them in his life for growth. 

When You Grab For Glory, You Miss Joy

Hands raisedSatan’s first enticement toward sin was clothed in the allure of seeking God’s wisdom on man’s terms, apart from submission of creature before Creator. Given dominion over a glorious environment, Eve and her passive husband grabbed the forbidden fruit and launched a cascade of painful consequences resulting in an unending pattern of wounded relationships and warring armies. For the first couple, their marriage was distorted, their older son murdered the younger and the clock was ticking in a slow march toward physical death. Their foolish grab for God’s glory spoiled the joyful relationships they were created to enjoy!

In every family, town and nation, the story is repeated daily.

Building Momentum During Changes

Reset Button With a strong start anchored in intentional dependence on God and a transforming perspective on interruptions, our days unfold in a series of episodes interspersed by spatial or functional changes. Group meetings followed by individual tasks interwoven with communication in various technologies creates numerous opportunities for needed refreshment - emotionally, mentally or spiritually.

Whether a CEO, a clerk in a store, an engineer, a teacher or a Mom, you have momentary or more lengthy transitions in your day. Walking to an office on another floor, driving to your next appointment, a short wait for your next meeting, or a few minutes when your child is sleeping are moments which provide important clues about how your day in progressing.

Praying a Difficult Prayer – Being Filled With the Spirit

Melanie AtheyGod has used discipleship and mentoring to bring a greater awareness of his holiness.

Through the accountability, I have become more aware of my personal sin and how I hid in the deceit of culture to justify my sin while ignoring the perfect law and standard of God. I have realized the correlation of Gods blessing in our lives to our blamelessness and righteousness.

Embrace the Interruptions

Flat TireDerailing your plans might be blessing from God

Interruptions are inevitable and revealing. Whether a flat tire, a surprise visitor or a broken appliance, each day will have unexpected events which disturb or derail your plans. Your hopes to finish the project or enjoy your lunch are dashed by something or someone.

For the person fixated on accomplishment, interruptions are often an aggravation. For someone struggling to stay focused, they can be an excuse. But for the person enjoying the excitement of living intentionally in dependence mode as God’s instrument, these are moments of possible spiritual opportunity.

Sometimes the opportunity may be a few minutes for prayer and reflection as police untangle a traffic accident. However, when we encounter a surprising situation or unexpected individual (in person or on the phone), be open to the possibility that God may have plans for this moment.

Investment Strategy: Finding Lost Piece to Discipleship Puzzle

 Tim DahlI’m so glad that I’ve actively engaged in the Launching Multipliers discipleship process.

I’ve tried many different things. I’ve followed the standard “quiet time” model for my personal discipleship. I’ve gone the “book route.” You know that one, where you are constantly reading Christian spirituality books in an attempt to grow in the Lord. I’ve tried the weekly group meetings, both large and small (think T-Life groups). In the end, I was still left looking.

Nothing was making the kind of life-impact that I was so greatly desiring.

Then, I met Ron and heard about Launching Multipliers. I was reminded that true discipleship was more than just my own personal transformation into Christ likeness. It was about leading others in the same process. I also noticed that it looked a lot more like those early Christians. You know, Barnabas and Paul, Barnabas and Mark, Paul and Timothy, Paul and Titus, Jesus and Peter-James -John.


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