'Lay Up Treasure for Eternity'

Question Mark Made of Game Piece PeopleDid you know that good questions strengthen relationships?

Beyond the obvious benefits of discovering information about other people, good questions give us insights into their joys and concerns, enlarging our capacity for the laser-focused wisdom and encouragement of life’s best friendships.

Good questions reveal that we genuinely care and are willing to invest our most precious resource, time, in a relationship that is valuable to us. They stimulate the rabbit trails of conversation that end in tears or laughter...and deeper friendships.

Since God has an eternal purpose for our relationships through Jesus Christ, the questions which refresh families and friendships are a special way to lay up treasure for eternity.

Stimulating Responsibility

Who, me?Did you know that asking good questions helps encourage personal responsibility?

When your questions guide someone toward an action plan that addresses a specific concern, the situation remains their problem. One of the questions is usually “What do you think you need to do about this?”

For the third grader who forgot his homework, the sixteen year old who was ticketed for speeding or the co-worker who missed a deadline, helping them assume ownership of a solution is a critical step that ultimately enriches life.

Ask Away!

Question MarksDid you know that a good question is usually better than a good answer?

A good answer may provide valuable information for a particular situation, but a good question stimulates the thinking skills needed for circumstances when wise counsel is not available.

Perhaps more importantly, if your good answer is packaged with even a small amount of frustration, it will push a person toward the instincts of the brain stem: fight or flight.

The thinking stops, reaction prevails and any benefit of your answer evaporates.

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