Launching Spiritual Multipliers from Your Home

Family of Paper Dolls in Hands Did you know that your home is a key element of God’s strategy for spiritual multiplication?

According to Ephesians 5, marriage is a temporal illustration of the eternal relationship between Christ and the Church. The aroma of Christ is uniquely revealed when a husband’s sacrificial love and a wife’s consistent respect are woven together in authentic, satisfying intimacy.

This kind of marriage gives others a glimpse of supernatural love at work in tangible ways, prompting questions which lead to conversations about the hope in Christ that does not disappoint.

A Winning Marriage: Fighting the 'Good Fight'

Wedding Cake Bride and GroomBack to BackDid you know that a healthy marriage is not free from conflicts?

Hand HoldingConflicts are normal in close friendships and certainly in a marriage. How you work through such difficulties will be a key indicator of your fulfillment in marriage. do you have a “good fight” where your marriage wins?

Remember that a conflict exposes an issue that will lead to isolation if it is not faced honestly and promptly. As you focus on the issue without assuming wrong motives or attacking your partner, seek God’s wisdom in understanding your spouse rather than winning the argument. This will require the discipline of listening and the art of asking questions.

God Lays Out Simple Blueprint for Marriage

Ring on Bible with Heart-Shaped Shadow Did you know that God designed marriage so that two very different people can learn to depend on God’s strength in this intimate relationship? Blueprint

Leaving father and mother and bringing with them unanticipated expectations, a husband and wife are joined together to begin a new family. Each day they have an opportunity to apply more glue to the oneness God intends and each longs to experience.

The plan is simple: the husband sacrificially loves his wife and the wife consistently respects her husband. Simple, yet both partners need supernatural strength.

Fingerprint of Marriage: Biblical Design, No Ambiguity

Man and Woman Silhouettes Holding Hands Did you know that marriage is a relationship defined by creation, not by culture?

Man created as male and female uniquely reflects God’s image. God exists as three distinct, yet equal persons relating in perfect unity, unleashing an astonishing creation crowned by human beings. This divine fingerprint of diversity embracing unity to unleash creativity is seen in both the physical and spiritual realms.

From the creation account to Jesus’ compelling teaching, marriage is revealed without ambiguity as one man and one woman united for a lifetime, diverse genders becoming one flesh to produce new life.

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