Equipped and Prepared

Pastor Kahl and Randy MillerJesus Christ prepared His disciples by first demonstrating how the perfect disciple lives, then by mentoring them in small group and one-on-one interactions. Small groups and one-on-one meetings are where the most intimate conversations and deepest growth occur.

A large part of my personal spiritual growth occurred when my friend and pastor, Grant Kahl, led me to Launching Multipliers.  It was during one of our one-on-one meetings that he shared this discipleship resource with me and challenged me to

Result: Contagious Multiplication

Robby HummertI am very grateful for the Launching Multipliers! resource. Having someone invest in my life through a one-on-one mentoring relationship has been encouraging, motivating, and an affirmation of God’s calling on my life.

Previously, I have had several Paul-like relationships with mature believers, and I’m grateful for the impact they have had on my walk with Jesus. I have certainly tried to replicate that investment. However, despite my intentions, my previous mentoring efforts have tended to result in either a close friendship or distance accompanied by a sense of failure on my part. Either way, the process has always seemed to be short lived, never resulting in contagious multiplication.

Encouraging Spiritual Transformation, Spiritual Multiplication

Tim BachAt the heart of the matter, discipleship and mentoring are the foundations of the Great Commission given to all believers - to make disciples! I grew immensely in prayer and study with my mentor, Ron.

But now, I sense that I’m really growing as I mentor and train other men.

I have other tools that encourage spiritual growth, but Launching Multipliers! has become the one I reach for now in that it encourages both spiritual transformation and spiritual multiplication. I have a friend who is moving to Texas and mentioned a need to grow in his faith. I immediately discussed the one-on-one discipleship approach and he was energized.

Growing from 'Intimate Learning Experience'

Teshauna SpelmonI first give all praise to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for affording me the wonderful opportunity to be mentored and discipled utilizing the Launching Multipliers resource.

I’ve always known deep inside that there was room for my personal spiritual growth. The timing associated with starting this training with Terri could not have been any better.

The experience has been mind-blowing, as I have been personally encouraged to prioritize Bible study in a way that I would never have committed to otherwise. I can truthfully say that my spiritual life has taken a turn for the better as a result. Scripture memorization, hiding the Word of God in my heart, is another essential skill being developed during this process that continue to encourage me as I face my daily tasks.

Engaging Others: No Longer 'Ill-Equipped'

Eric PackwoodI had the pleasure of working through the Launching Multipliers discipleship material with Ken in 2013.

For many years, I had felt called to disciple other men, but felt ill-equipped to engage others because I still had many questions myself.

When I started meeting with Ken each week, I expected a series of lectures that would solidify my theological foundation. I experienced much more. The content of Launching Multipliers! provides a rigorously constructed, biblically-based framework that addressed my basic questions.

What I did not expect was how the program promoted conversation and a relationship that encouraged me to grow deeper in my faith, enlarge my understanding of biblical truths and engage other men in discipleship.

Up and Running to Create Multipliers

Roy WatsonLaunching Multipliers! has taken off wonderfully at our church.

All three of my sons are now working through this process.   Quinetta, one of our key women being mentored by Kathy, is already near completion of the sessions with my daughter-in-law and is scheduled to begin with my daughter.  I have completed the with my first disciple and he has already working with Henry.

So we are up and running! 

Everyone in this ministry is greatly encouraged.   We  have some women and men who are eagerly waiting for their turn.  This has drawn our church body closer and I thought we were already a close body.


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