Equipped and Prepared

Pastor Kahl and Randy MillerJesus Christ prepared His disciples by first demonstrating how the perfect disciple lives, then by mentoring them in small group and one-on-one interactions. Small groups and one-on-one meetings are where the most intimate conversations and deepest growth occur.

A large part of my personal spiritual growth occurred when my friend and pastor, Grant Kahl, led me to Launching Multipliers.  It was during one of our one-on-one meetings that he shared this discipleship resource with me and challenged me to

Result: Contagious Multiplication

Robby HummertI am very grateful for the Launching Multipliers! resource. Having someone invest in my life through a one-on-one mentoring relationship has been encouraging, motivating, and an affirmation of God’s calling on my life.

Previously, I have had several Paul-like relationships with mature believers, and I’m grateful for the impact they have had on my walk with Jesus. I have certainly tried to replicate that investment. However, despite my intentions, my previous mentoring efforts have tended to result in either a close friendship or distance accompanied by a sense of failure on my part. Either way, the process has always seemed to be short lived, never resulting in contagious multiplication.

God Is At Work Before We Arrive and After We Depart …So Be Available Every Day

Ministiry Catalysts While it is clear that God has plans to use Christ’s followers as ambassadors, it is critical that our perspective be shaped by God’s perspective of this privilege. A previous blog – “You Can Win an Argument or Build a Friendship, But Rarely at the Same Time” – emphasized three lessons:

Our engagement in fruitful evangelism is rooted in our enjoyment of intimate, obedient fellowship with God (2 Cor. 2:14-16).

Honest questions are stimulated by genuine interest in a person’s life revealed through gracious interaction marked by caring questions (Col. 4:5-6; 1 Pet. 3:14-16). People who harass us spiritually are often the ones who eventually ask questions, but only if we are not surprised or personally offended by their negativity (1 Pet. 4:12-14).

Encouraging Spiritual Transformation, Spiritual Multiplication

Tim BachAt the heart of the matter, discipleship and mentoring are the foundations of the Great Commission given to all believers - to make disciples! I grew immensely in prayer and study with my mentor, Ron.

But now, I sense that I’m really growing as I mentor and train other men.

I have other tools that encourage spiritual growth, but Launching Multipliers! has become the one I reach for now in that it encourages both spiritual transformation and spiritual multiplication. I have a friend who is moving to Texas and mentioned a need to grow in his faith. I immediately discussed the one-on-one discipleship approach and he was energized.

Work Out Your Salvation…For God Is At Work In You

Path through the woods

So let’s get this straight...

God the Father is always at work, drawing people toward His Son so that they will experience eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ. We do not earn this relationship with Christ by our human efforts, but we do experience the blessings of fellowship with God by partnering with Him in the good works He prepares that express His loving and holy character.

But how do we enjoy this partnership?!?!?!?

There is a passage in Paul’s thank you letter to the Philippians with a nugget of spiritual insight that addresses this question. It follows the penetrating description of Jesus’ humility and obedience even to death on the Cross and the powerful declaration of His exaltation as Lord before Whom each person will ultimately bow in submission (Phil. 2:5-11).

Saved by Grace, Not by Works…Yet Created for Good Works

Tree of hands One of the defining issues for our understanding of God’s Word and our enjoyment of God’s purpose involves grasping the relationship between good works and our salvation in Jesus Christ.

After describing our hopeless spiritual desperation apart from Christ (Eph. 2:1-3), Paul portrays the richness of God’s mercy and greatness of God’s love that provides new life in Christ for those who trust in His sacrificial death on the Cross (Eph. 2:4-7).

Paul makes it clear that this gracious gift can only be experienced through personal faith in what Christ did for us.

Singapore: A Memorable Investment – Eternal Implications

SBC Ministry Over the week of May 19-23, we were privileged to be in Singapore teaching at the Singapore Bible College. What an energetic city/state and beautiful island to visit. Many of you diligently prayed as we prepared for this strategic time of ministry and for our safety along the way. We give thanks to God for your prayers and are trusting that much “fruit” will come from our time there. At the invitation of Dr. Rick Griffith, who heads the Doctor of Ministry program at this exceptional school, we taught a course on “Developing Leadership Through Mentoring and Coaching.”

Ministry in Singapore Click image to see all the photos from Singapore

Thirteen highly-motivated, gifted ministry leaders from countries such as India, Nepal, Myanmar, Indonesia, Australia, and, of course, Singapore, helped make this a memorable investment of our time and ministry experience.We are convinced that there will be eternal implications of our time there, not because of us, but because of what God will do in the future through the lives of these exceptional ministry leaders.

Growing from 'Intimate Learning Experience'

Teshauna SpelmonI first give all praise to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for affording me the wonderful opportunity to be mentored and discipled utilizing the Launching Multipliers resource.

I’ve always known deep inside that there was room for my personal spiritual growth. The timing associated with starting this training with Terri could not have been any better.

The experience has been mind-blowing, as I have been personally encouraged to prioritize Bible study in a way that I would never have committed to otherwise. I can truthfully say that my spiritual life has taken a turn for the better as a result. Scripture memorization, hiding the Word of God in my heart, is another essential skill being developed during this process that continue to encourage me as I face my daily tasks.


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